Hoping to Jumpstart our Holiday Preps Soon

christmas_background5.jpgThe incoming of the “ber” months has always made me giddy. It does not just mean that the hubby and I are celebrating our birth month but also the jumpstart of the holidays. I am such a little girl at heart when it comes to holidays. I thought it would all go away the moment I left the corporate world. Bonuses, extra and a half months pays were always anticipated around this season. But six years after I left to be a full time minister’s wife and mother, and the many things I do in between, I still smell the air of the season amidst the pollution in the metro. I think I might be a little dreamy in that sense. 🙂

I remember agreeing with the hubby last year when we had our last minute Christmas shopping to do it earlier the year after. September is almost over and we still have not done anything Christmasy just yet. No preps, whatsoever. A lot of unforeseen but pleasant things have come our way since and it is really not easy to juggle everything in our hands. I remember the years in our first few years of being married, I prepared crocheted stuff, baked my homemade goodies for presents, et.al.  I guess those are some of the perks of not having a baby right away after the wedding.  Now I might just end up getting personalized pens and stuff because of its convenience. It takes away a lot of the many things that’s sweet about the holidays. Oh well, I still have a few more weeks to go, I hope that we could plan something soon.  😀

Hoping to Jumpstart our Holiday Preps Soon

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