Juggling Prowess Challenged

computer.JPGI admit that being a work from home mom can be a major cause of burn out. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way complaining, in fact, I would not have it any other way. I just need to recharge myself of sorts. Lately, I have been feeling that I always have to be on the go. Aside from the month being a really busy one for us, with celebrations here and there. Getting busy with my culinary skills, multi tasking as I do my usual business online. Although things may sound toxic as it does, I do have fun with my boys. A getaway is just becoming a necessity lately and I know I am going to have to indulge on one or two in the coming month – I am seeing Cebu and Bohol in my vision. πŸ˜€

Yesterday was a relief for me, because the hubby gave me a treat of not having to prepare breakfast, because it’s my special day and he did it again today. I guess it is going to be one special week for me, which I very much welcome. A sweet break for me. πŸ˜‰

One of the things that I really am thankful for is the convenience of the internet. Transactions for practically all the bills that we have to settle on a monthly basis are all done online. From utilities to mortgage and my small prepaid mobile reloading business for different networks (which explains the multiple mobile units I have with me – one of which is a dual active one, that makes three networks in all). The online payments that I am able to do is really the most convenient thing for me. No more having to fall in line that takes forever.

Another interesting site that I came across is this Essay web page. I have stumbled upon a handful of essay sites, but this ones different.It makes doing what you do in school fun because you actually get to sell term papers, book reports and essays that you no longer use for as much as 350 Euros.That is something, to say the least.I can only hope this facility was available already before I trashed the tons of articles I did back when I was studying. They have various essays in their library that you can grab a hold of for as little as two Euros.If there’s anything I know about studying, it is the stress of cramming, especially when requirements come piling up one after the other.It always seem to never end.


I am just glad that I live in this day and age. Although very complex, it can really be fun and amazing! Another thing I am so looking forward to is the Wii Fit that I hope to jump start my physical issues. I am too lazy and too busy to drag myself to the gym to exercise. This is something I just cannot afford, especially that I am homeschooling the little guy, albeit informally. I have had issues with house help in the past, which is one major reason I am not open to the idea just yet. Maybe a desperate measure that I can perhaps consider when the time comes. (lol!) For now, I think I can still devise some system on getting things in control. πŸ˜€

Juggling Prowess Challenged

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