Blinds Over Drapes

As I went about applying what I shared in my Handy Tips and Hints web page about cleaning in layers, I still cannot help but be overwhelmed when the time for changing linens, curtains, drapes and valances is due. This petite girl gets things done with the help of a steel ladder, which I am not exactly very fond of. It gets even crazier when in my quest to pulling off the dirty drapes, my silly little rascal would come tail and climb up the ladder with me which gives me the creeps. So you can just imagine me getting down and talk it out with the little guy first, distract him of sorts before I do my business with the windows.

vertical-blinds.jpgThis is why getting Window Vertical Blinds to replace my drapes, curtains and valances is very tempting. It can be the most convenient thing to have really. Especially after having read for myself how easy it is to maintain. I love this piece from It serves the same purpose that drapes have, without having to sacrifice design, which I am not very willing to let go of. Spending most of my time at home in my makeshift workstation, with all the juggling chores I do, the least that I could do really is make our home a place of solace, warmth and comfort. 😀

Blinds Over Drapes

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