WS: Double Celebration


It was a few weeks back when we announced and invited our ministry workers from the church to our home for a double birthday celebration. We timed it in between our birthdays (the hubby’s and mine), which is fifteen days apart. These are the key people that we share our calling with and we found it fitting to have them celebrate with us, even as simple as this get together is. Nothing grand, I just cooked the same pasta dish that I prepared the week before and threw in some homemade pizzas and baked chocolate chip cookies. Which they all loved, judging from the empty cookie jars and serving dishes. 😀


As I mentioned in the previous post, we watched an awesome life changing video. There are several things that we would have loved to share with them, for one, the need for the church to have a full time staff, who will be handling multiple jobs in logistics, which will surely take a considerable burden off the hubby’s back. But then again, that could be done later, and opted to party and enjoy the fellowship instead. It was a fun day.

WS: Double Celebration

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