Web Hosting Issues

To wallow over what happened to the domain the hubby recently claimed and paid for is not really going to help. The site is technically his, but he never was able to access. Bummer. A case of maybe lesson learned the hard way? Maybe.

This has got the both of us go around all across the web looking for web hosting tutorials. One of which is WebHostingRating.com. They have such easy to understand lessons that even a noob could actually dig. What actually got me into browsing through their site is the independent customer rating that they have of ten of the top web hosting companies. This company conducts their web hosting rating based on customer satisfaction, affordability, reliability, uptime and vital technical support. This is the part that the hubby and I regret so much over. There is practically no technical support that the supposedly host of the aforementioned site. We knew too late. WebHostingRating.com is also without question the biggest searchable web hosting directory with all very informative articles. One struck me is about facts about cheap webhosting. They even provide great webhosting service providers and with packages. It is basically a webmaster’s start off point. The next thing that attracted me to this site is the unedited reviews by real clients. Most of which are not afraid to give people the hard truth of what the service that they availed of was like. This is really something that we really could have utilized.

To top it all off, they have a list of web hosting awards, wherein prospective and current customers could actually take a peek in the current standings of different web hosting available the world over. This will be the ultimate guide for webmasters to choose their web host from depending on their level of priority. They have a list for the web hosts that grabbed the following awards: Best Budget Hosting, Best Blog Hosting, Best Forum Hosting, Best Unix Hosting, Best Windows Hosting, Best PHP Hosting, Best Email Hosting and Best Ecommerce Hosting. Practically a complete list if you ask me.

Web Hosting Issues

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