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Seriously, I never meant to go on hiatus. There were just a handful of maintenance issues I had to deal with in three other blogs that I author. On my way to being webmaster extraordinaire? Hardly. It’s just that it was the first time in several months that I was actually able to tweak those Blogger sites that I have. In all my previous attempts, I never failed to receive all those nasty bx errors. I really just had to take advantage while I can, who knows when those bx errors would come back to bug me again. I had to unclutter my sites while I still can. 🙂

Total makeover. Care to swing by these sites? Simply click on the screenshots.






Meanwhile, the hubby has had some issues with Google and GoDaddy when he was claiming the domain for this brand new blog  Auto Repair Principles. Obviously, inspired by our ongoing California Project.



Again, it was one of those bx errors that nagged him upon check out, right after payment via credit card. The result? Total hassle. He was told by GoDaddy via email that he manually has to set everything up, which totally defeats the purpose of why he bought the domain via Blogger to begin with. Read his write up for more details. What he said about the untouchable Google is so true. Why in the first place can they not provide an email where people can contact them in times of troubles like this? Come to think of it, they are getting paid by us, their clients, and that is the least they could do. The hubby could have claimed the domain via name.com. We are instead left to go to hundreds of different forums with no decent resolution. Okay, I’m leaving the hubby to vent for the both of us, I wouldn’t wanna ruin my day by dwelling on it. It just annoys me big time. The end of the story is, the aforementioned site remains free hosted. If anything of this sort happened to you, please let us know how you had it resolved.

word-whammer.jpgIn between all these, I’m homeschooling my three year old guy informally. When I say informally, I incorporate the teaching time during his play time and our usual reading time. I am glad to report that he can now read with ease, simple three letter words. Phonics is really the best way to do it. At two years old I had him go through reading exercises via Kumon learning system which the hubby and I later got convinced that it is not the ideal. It’s more on memorization and for a while we got fooled that he actually knows how to read, when all he did was memorize and associate the pictures with words.  I’ve read that this often becomes an issue to some preschoolers – telling one from the other. Hubby and I also got him one of Toy Kingdom’s freebies- a Leap Frog Word Whammer which helps as well. 😀

Our Current Preoccupation

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