Our Manga Faces

Lately, the hubby has been busy tweaking at least a couple of his sites. Too bad for me because for some reason I kept getting those bx errors in my every single tweaking attempt for as long as I can remember. That is until this afternoon. I was so thrilled to finally dress up my sites with the very layouts that I want. Meanwhile, after having tweaked two of my sites, I just thought I’d take a break and have the last site done tomorrow instead.



This is what I came up with as I was having my break. Thanks to JoanJoyce for leading me to the site that allowed me to create these cool avatars of the hubby and me. While I was busy getting savvy with this newfound treasure, the hubby just announced that he has just created a brand new blog Auto Repair Principles. It is a surprise because the last time I checked, he was sitting down on a topic about Orlando golf and another one for his football site, and now this Auto Blog. Despite the fact that it can really be too much of a task to maintain several blogs, we are just thrilled to be creating brand new ones. Writing for a niche can be fun but challenging. Back to the avatar, don’t you think it’s fun? I’m going to have to update this tomorrow with the little guy’s avatar and squeeze it in. 😀

Our Manga Faces

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