A Pleasant Surprise from PayU2Blog

I received an email two days ago from the PayU2Blog admin, I just won $100! Now I know why I never had that widget removed from my sidebar. 😉 Of course that would be aside from the fact that I  love that they give me complete freedom in doing the tasks they send my way, requiring the shortest minimum number of words from amongst the number of paid for blogging platforms I am a member of. I am so loving PayU2Blog, you can very well say that. 😀

shuttlecock.jpgAs if winning the hundred bucks wasn’t enough, I am given a chance to win $100 more. I was given the honor of being one of the four chosen recipients of their generosity to win the additional bucks at stake. I was told to choose from amongst their players for their Badminton championship to play for me and if my players win, I get to receive that extra $100 to my PayPal account on the next payday! Sweet! What an early birthday gift for moi.

The hubby and I love badminton.  We used to regularly play when the little guy was not around yet.  I actually miss playing.  And I love that PayU2Blog picked me to participate in my first badminton tournament (albeit virtually)  in years and with the hundred bucks to my account.  Tell me now, what could be sweeter?! 😀 My first choice were Feeve and Jason, but I received an email that the two have been picked already. My second choice were Derek and David. These guys are set to play Friday or Monday, weather permitting. Whether double D win or lose, I am already a winner. My heartfelt thanks to PayU2Blog! You are a channel of God’s blessing to me and my family.  That’s  almost half of what we need to raise for the full payment of our car makeover! 😀

A Pleasant Surprise from PayU2Blog

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