A Friend’s Battle with Cancer (A Prayer Request)

It was late last week when I received an SMS from a friend who attends our mother church.  Her news got me stunned and I literally had to stop awhile before everything settled in.  She was asking for prayers even as the result of the needle biopsy done on her came back positive.

She’s only but 44 years old, a single mother and working every chance she gets to survive life as it is.  Then came this.  I am equally amazed as to how well she is coping.  Her faith is doing her wonders, even the doctors are fascinated by how well she is taking everything in.  She came by our place yesterday to ask for help to compose a letter that she will send to her friends and relatives.  Please go visit the blog I got set up for her at Debbie’s Battle with Cancer and read her story. I just got one post up. The diagnosis reports: ultrasound, MRI and biopsy are still to be scanned. I’m also going to have it go live for proof. The hubby and I are making ourselves available in whatever possible way we can to help this dear friend who we have known since forever in church.  May the Lord richly provide for everything that she would need from now that she’s doing laboratory tests to next week that she’s going to undergo surgery, then chemotherapy or radiation to recuperation.

We are asking for your support, prayers and otherwise for Debbie Marie Agbulos-Lopez, who is currently diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.  Send your emails via dmagbulos@gmail.com.  There is no way she will be able to afford all the treatment she needs.The doctor prohibited her from continuing with her job and she has to prepare for intensive medical procedures.

A Friend’s Battle with Cancer (A Prayer Request)

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