The California Project


It’s been a week since one of the hubby’s distant relative took the car to give it a whole body repair. It is about time.  The month that passed has been the worse ever because of the typhoons and the rain that would pour every single day.  It was a couple of years back when my FIL sponsored the repair of its leaking roof but a year after the dripping started coming again until it ceased to just be mere drip drops.   It would have been sweet if this vehicle is altogether replaced, but this is all we can afford for now, for which we are ultra grateful. If the Lord wills it, maybe later we can afford that downpayment for that Avanza the hubby and I are praying for.  😀

The hubby’s uncle estimated a month and a half until the job is finished.  I will post some before and after photos of our California Project then and maybe look into auto insurance online to get a decent TPL coverage.

The California Project

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