Friday Fill-Ins #2

1. The last meal I had at a restaurant was a seafood pasta.

2. A stinkin’ dog  is something I intensely dislike.

3. The full moon does not indicate a night of the lunatics or even of werewolves and vampires.  A full moon is something you can actually behold and be amazed over – another creation of God’s own hands (words rather – He created everything at His command)

4. Oh my, Siomai! (not very local, but that’s really a favorite that I think my little guy has picked up from me) is one of my favorite local expressions.

5. Sometimes it’s best to keep silent (which I often struggle with, especially if I believe I am right. But I am happy to report that I have been victorious in few instances).

6. Kung Fu Panda  is the best movie I’ve seen so far this year!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to a movie time with the hubby, tomorrow my plans include a night out with the hubby again and Sunday, I want to spend the whole day at church! (is it obvious enough that I have missed the love of my life in almost four days we spent apart when he was in Palawan?!) 😀

Friday Fill-Ins #2

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