Tuesday Toot: My Week without the Hubby


My juggling prowess is once again challenged this week. The hubby left for a mission trip to Palawan early Sunday and won’t be back until late Wednesday.  The majority of chores in the house gets to be done by me, but the hubby would always make himself available helping me out to occasionally lift the loads.  That is aside from the fact that the play time he usually has with our little guy would also have to be covered by moi.  Although I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since Sunday, with bouts of migraines in between, I’m doing so much better than the last time the hubby left for Davao, October of last year to visit his father who was then sick.

I am not having the time of my life, I’m a little miserable without the hubby.   🙁 But I’m making sure everyday is a productive one: still working from home, juggling chores and exclusively bonding with the little guy. 😀

Tuesday Toot: My Week without the Hubby

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