An Organic Journey

While we are at it, allow me to just share with you how our living “naturally” came about. Okay, if truth be told, it is actually semi-natural because natural alternatives aren’t exactly the easiest to avail of. But as much as we can, we really do away with those toxic ingredients.

It all started when we were prego with our kiddo. I started juicing from scratch. No powdered artificial juices for us – for me especially.  Then came my nesting stage wherein I checked every label of every single item in the layette to make sure that no synthetic stuffs touches my baby’s skin.

Although my juggling prowess was practiced with the challenges of motherhood, I made sure I did not look it by looking into natural skin care products.  At first it was hard to part with my former brands. I have gotten kind of attached to what I have been using so when mineral make up came into the mainstream, I was so thrilled I will finally have the right alternative than using nothing – Organic Skin Care Products. To date I am still trying to discover the best brand for me. Have tried a few, but most natural skin care products are really pricey so I am looking into some affordable but quality ones.

An Organic Journey

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