Coming Soon: Our Son’s Study Nook

The hubby has already started working on our little guy’s study table. He won’t be going to school until next year, but we’re welcoming this new addition to our home. While the hubby is at it, I’m figuring out the neatest way to rearrange the house. It is another reason for me to divert my attention from my internet business to reclaiming my crown as a domestic goddess.

It might take real talent to be able to squeeze in this extra stuff inside our humble home. Some things have got to go, especially the bulky ones. That’s consideration number one. I, more or less have jumpstarted this last week when we got a handful of stuff out on a yard sale. Next is, to set up a corner where the table will land. It has to be made conducive for studying. One major thing in a room that is like make or break is how well shaded it is.

Hopefully all goes well and I will soon be able to rearrange our home and get that study nook for the little boy.

Coming Soon: Our Son’s Study Nook

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