Pinhole Glasses: My Unbiased Review

Back when I was in grade school I was forced to wear thick glasses. I only wore it a year or two and I was back to sporting my 20/20 vision. I am not sure what I did right, because I was doing more than seven hundred (left eye) and a hundred plus (right). It was no fun wearing spectacles, aside from the fact that I live in a tropical country, I was one of those who had to endure beads of sweat around the nose during my puberty to my teenage years. One could just imagine how I had to periodically wipe my nose until it got embarrassing red.

pinhole.jpgThe thought of going back to wearing spectacles almost became a possibility in the last couple of months. The culprit is definite – the prolonged hours I spend in front of my laptop and blogging about daily life and fun experiences. It was just timely that the chance to try out pinhole eyeglasses came. At least I wouldn’t have to wear this one on a regular basis. I chanced upon this technology when I was doing my regular browsing through sites. Apparently the principle behind pinhole glasses dates back to the fifth century BC. By blocking the indirect rays from getting into our eyes, it allows clearer vision.

As I went about getting the hang of using it, it occurred to me that it does its job because the pinholes allow the pupils to be fed with direct rays which logically make the image I see better defined. I would have to admit that at first it felt strange wearing these pinhole eyeglasses but I still kept on primarily because I was willing to consider anything that would have me do away with wearing glasses on a regular basis. As I allowed my eyes to get the hang of using them, the pinholes became bigger and it did not feel as weird. It actually relaxed my eyes as I went along doing my online tasks. It practically felt that these babies gave my eye muscles the work out they need. Even without reading all the literatures about pinholes, this alone explains why it could get you back perfect vision.

Pinhole Glasses: My Unbiased Review

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