To Blog or Not to Blog

The trouble with web blogging is this– when you rest for a day or two from writing the number of entries you usually do, it takes off the momentum and hibernation becomes so tempting that no matter how many assignments are in queue, you’d want to get them off your back and sleep them all off.  I have been in this contemplative mood for a couple of days now, thinking if this is just an after effect of the second time the big G has slapped our site with a big, fat zero  or it could also be the weather that regularly attempts to put me into deep comma.   Or both.

ithinkiblog.jpgI have read somewhere that Blogging requires passion and authority, which leaves out most people. Honestly, making a garden decor interests me now more than blogging.   But who knows I might just beautifully pick up that passion and get right back to racing away towards this site’s 1,000th post.  We’ll see, if I get by just getting two to three posts live in a day, that should tell you what got the best of me.  😉

To Blog or Not to Blog

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