I Love Flowers! (But Not as a Gift from the Hubby)

1004.jpgAre you a wife, a girlfriend, or a mother? Do you like receiving flowers during special occasions? Well, I do. I love it, but only if they come from friends and relatives. For some reason, I don’t like receiving flowers from the hubby. Some people may think it weird, but this is just the way I am. I know that to send flowers is just about the most normal thing in the world especially during Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

For the record, I do love flowers.  In fact, I love fresh bunches in our home.  I just don’t like it as a gift from the hubby. Did I say, I don’t like flowers if they came from the hubby?  Okay, that point is clear.  😀 After some thinking, I came up with some reasons to justify why flowers are the least thing that I expect the hubby to give me. I know I have to find reasons for this kind of lifelong aversion over receiving flowers from the hubby. He has probably made the mistake of giving me bouquets of flowers twice and I just found myself teary eyed. Oh no, not the teary-eyed gladness, but rather the exact opposite. One possible reason is, in my subconscious it could be like a lame choice of gift. How convenient is it to just pick a flower from one of those express delivery shops and send it on? Maybe, just maybe I expect him to give me more than just flowers. No flowers for me thank you, not from the hubby at least, even if it will be via an international flower delivery shop.

To date, after being together for the last eleven years of our lives, the hubby has learned his lesson. I would rather he sing to me or even just sit down to talk about stuff, silly and otherwise. But whenever he’s into this, he never fails to snatch out from under the pillow a little something he has for me – a ring, a perfume or a card during special events. It’s a good thing flowers can’t survive being hidden under the pillows!:D

I Love Flowers! (But Not as a Gift from the Hubby)

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