Grocery Shopping

images1.jpgWe just came home from our grocery shopping and are pleasantly surprised to learn that the hypermart place along Libis offers the things we need at cheaper prices. Even cheaper than those I would usually buy from the market!  It’s almost unbelievable. I am very keen in checking out the prices from different stores of just about every single consumable in our roster of things we buy on a regular basis, so this one’s a treasure find.

Lately, we have been replenishing our supply on a weekly basis because of the incredible price hike on just about everything consumable. We used to do it on a bi-monthly basis, but it came to a point that if we continue doing that we would have to resort to using the plastics. We prefer to shop on cash basis that’s why we shifted to a weekly schedule. I’m not sure if that makes sense to you but that’s the way it works for us for now. Today we have to shop for our three week supply because the hubby is going to turn in the car to the shop to have it fixed. So basically we will be one car-less family in the next weeks to come.

The hypermart we went to was huge. It wasn’t our first time to do our grocery shopping there, but it was our first time to go around every nook. It’s practically a one stop shop and as expected, I lingered a little longer along the baby’s section where high chairs, baby cribs and travel cots are, while our son would drive around in his little tyke shopping cart car. It is just fun to do our shopping with our little one entertained while we do business.

I used to be partial towards Hi-Top along Aurora Blvd. But aside from the fact that it’s a little far from our place, it’s not like a one-stop shop and some of their veggies and frozen goods have just about the same price as the other grocery shops. For now, Hypermart is our current shop, it’s closer and I have tons of stuff to choose from. Therefore, allowing me to maximize our budget. How about you, where do you shop for groceries?

Grocery Shopping

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