Getaway with Your Spouse

holdhands.jpgOne of the things a couple must do is have a regular getaway – just the two of them. We used to be able to leave our little guy with my folks, every couple of weeks or so when they were still here. We just go someplace as regular as the mall or just go out for a ride for two to three hours. This is something we have missed doing since my folks left.  I know my father will be more than glad to take care of my son from time to time when they arrive from America early next year. They miss each other so much.

This activity allows for married couples to go back to the time when it was just the two of them.  Oftentimes concerns that arise in families can be overwhelming that we are driven to forget what made us decide to be a family to begin with – Love. This was the reason why we traveled and explored the island of Cebu when our son was three months old. As first time parents, having a newborn was very overwhelming and that trip was a needed break for both me and the hubby.

images22.jpgIf you’re considering treating your spouse to that overseas getaway and you have Rome in mind, make sure all logistics are covered. Look into the Rome hotels available in It is the ultimate guide in leisure travel in Italy. It would be a dream come true to see those historic Colosseums, the Spanish steps, Trastevere and even St. Peter’s Basilica that I only get to see from Nat Geo and some films. I really hope to be able to go see with the hubby this ancient historical place. Maybe someday. 🙂

Getaway with Your Spouse

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