Films for Jive Youth

As we open up the church during weekdays as Jive Youth Center, we hope to more than just do some scholarly tutorials, have them play table tennis and darts, or even make the place available for them to hang out in. We also hope to connect with them, even as we placed key people to be in charge of the center. We hope to get the message across that they belong and we want to connect with them.

The hubby recently just found a site to download movies wherein we could get a hold of good, clean and fun films that can be of entertainment for the middle school students who will swing by the center. has a library of films wherein all versions for DVD, DivX, PDA and even for iPod are available. This is just so convenient even as most downloadable movies have such limited types of format and we often find out after the download that the format does not fit our player.

We recently signed up and we hope to explore more on the great stuff that we could find in it. We hope to report how things go in the next weeks in our youth center.

Films for Jive Youth

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