Hitting Back after the Slap

entre-kikay.JPGWhile my previous post speaks of the hubby’s next project, my focus right now is to write good issues in my newly ranked Kikay Corner site. I hope to blog more than just about the best acne treatments. With eighteen posts to date, it boggles me how a blog so new could ever get ranked with a fantabulous two.

images21.jpgThis will duly divert my attention from the fact that this site just got a slappin’ from the recent page rank update. Although it is a long anticipated one, mainly because of the volume of paid posts that we have written over the months, I still have got to do some mourning- not!  Being slapped for the second time did not hurt as much. It’s just funny, you know, that I always get slapped the day this site hits a new high (visits). Besides, no ranking would stop this blogger from doing what she does best. 😉

Hitting Back after the Slap

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