Recover Lost Digital Photos

collage51.jpgAh the downside of going techie! I am again at my old discs trying to figure out how on earth I could ever have my tons of photos recovered! Those discs cover my 2004 to 2007 digital album. I have gotten hundreds of photos printed before the disc refused to read but there are a lot more photos in there that I have got to get my hands on. It’s the most frustrating thing. Back in the days when digital cameras was not yet around, this sort of problem was unheard of. But of course there were issues of molds and photos going brown and tarnished. I so regret that I did not create a back up for my files. Now it’s just too late.

In my quest to be able to retrieve these old files, I have been in search for a Photo Image Recovery Software when I  discovered Photo Nose. It literally sniffs out and retrieves lost images. I just got it installed in my computer and will soon have it work for me. The software is easy to install as it is and free to try. If you have issues like I do, you might want to check it out and benefit from it as well.

Recover Lost Digital Photos

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