~My Husband Rocks! Friday~

This is the first time I’m going to join this fun meme.  For someone like me who can go on and on about the hubby, it will be sweet to allot a special time of the week to focus on just that.  😉

For my first ever entry for “My Husband Rocks Friday,” I would like to blog about my gorgeous husband’s masterpiece for the week: our three year old son’s first ever study table.  We tried canvassing for a good reliable table for our soon-to-be-officially-homeschooled-three-year-old-kiddo, but all we found were unsturdy, non-durable, laminated type and they were all expensive for the quality!  The hubby figured he will just make one for our son and that he did.  Although the assembly was done roughly by the man who made our bed box from the scrap and extra wood that were still available, the hubby was still the one who painstakingly puttied every inch of it, mixed paints and carefully did everything with precision. He has been working on this for the past couple of weeks (mainly because he only works on it during his days off-Mondays).  He has always been my ever reliable handyman. Thank you Mahal for making our home so much sweeter with all the things you do for me and our son. 🙂


The hubby applying putty on the table


working on the first coat of paint


 checking out the finished product


and finally, the hand over day. 🙂


~My Husband Rocks! Friday~

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