To Coordinate Weddings Again



One of the things that the hubby assigned for me to do is clean up my hard drive.  He has given me a handful of blank DVDs to burn in some movie files that I have downloaded via BitTorrent.  I saw this photo of me and the hubby as I was going through files and picking out what to transfer and what stays in my drive.  We rendered a song to my sister and her husband on their wedding day, which I also helped coordinate. I was just thinking that it has been quite a while since I last coordinated a wedding.  The last one was last December.  I have turned down more than a handful ever since I got hooked in internet marketing.  I have to admit, I awfully miss doing weddings.  More than the preparation for bridesmaid gifts, gathering up of all those countless suppliers, or even booking the hotels and flights for the couples’ honeymoon destinations, it’s the lovely wedding ceremony itself and how it turns out that gets me to plan weddings with passion.

I am a little sad that just a couple of days back I had to turn down another wedding.  Sometimes I feel jealous over the fact that the hubby gets to officiate weddings almost every couple of weeks.  Oh well, officiating a wedding is entirely different I know,  I know I’m blabbering.  Maybe in the next few months, when I finally got a reliable assistant around the house who I can leave my son to when I go to my events – maybe.  For now, I’m gonna have to be content to relish all those beautiful weddings I have done and even update myself with what’s new around the hitching business. 🙂

To Coordinate Weddings Again

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