Set on Homeschooling

The day before my folks left for the states, the hubby and I went to our son’s future school. DH highly favors the “School of Tomorrow” system, not just because he has attended its administrator’s training, but also because of the value and quality of education it has in general. The benefit of their curriculum to students goes beyond intellectual. We agreed after checking out the school that this is where our son is going to be enrolled in the next couple of years, that is, if the plan to put up our own pre-school with the same system will not push through.

Speaking of schools, there is one interesting school in Arizona that I have read about. The Nouveau Riche University  sets out their students to go for gold. Nouveau Riche University coined its name from the French term that means “new rich.” This pertains to a person that has acquired wealth within his generation.

Although the “School of Tomorrow” system obviously does not have the same mission/vision as the Nouveau Riche University, they do have goals that they have proven to be effective in. The hubby and I will attend the training for parents who will homeschool their children using the curriculum early next year, in time for our son’s first year of pre-school. We have decided that I will homeschool him at least on the first year and will enroll him the year after.

Set on Homeschooling

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