Motorcycles on Highways

images17.jpgMy sister and I (who are also neighbors, for the record) have been exchanging chat messages over Yahoo! Messenger since this morning.  One gory thing she mentioned over the course of our talk was the accident she saw on her way to the office, along the stretch of C-5 road was a woman on the ground who met an accident. She was still wearing her helmet and the ground was covered with so much blood. DS saw everything up close.  Apparently an MMDA was trying to help her up, with all the trauma her body has endured during the crash.


This news reminds me why I am inclined to be negative whenever the hubby expresses his want to go get a motorcycle. He said it is way economical. Sure, it is economical but it is also too risky.  As opposed to a car, when a motorcycle gets banged, there is nothing to protect the body from the accident – it hits you straight out. Despite the sky high price of gasoline, I will never be in favor of getting us a motorcycle ever.

Motorcycles on Highways

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