Today’s Home Project

I am done with the little guy’s room yesterday. I have finished all the major tasks it needs. No more clutters all over his room. Only one thing left to do is sort his toy box and give away stuff he does not play with anymore. The nursery room back at our church could really use these additions.

After I’m done with some online tasks, I’m off to work on our master’s bedroom. The sheets need to be changed and the drapes as well. I love the sweet smell of freshly changed sheets and changing the drapes gives the room a brand new look. Most of the nice drapes and curtains that I have are given by MIL. She has good taste and I have not bought a single curtain in so many years. Primarily because she has given me tons to mix and match with my beddings. ๐Ÿ™‚



I am so loving this polka dot bedding by JoJo Designs. They are actually made especially for kids, but it can be fun to throw in these sweet covers to replace our plain looking, kind of boring if you ask me, checkered, all too boyish bedding design. It’s good these polka dot babies come in queen sizes as well. I’m sure the hubby will not mind, it’s not really so girly kind of design. More on funky, teeny bopper kind, which can be a fun alternative to this checkered set and also my usual floral ones. Here’s a shot of my current bedding with DS smiling away and another of my favorite polka dot design. Can you imagine how much more color it will give to our room. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Today’s Home Project

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