On Child Care, Discipline and Our Son’s Future

28wks-3days.jpgRight from when our son was in utero, the hubby and I were convinced that we are going to raise up not just a child we can live with, but a child who will be a blessing to others. Despite the many controversies Baby Wise has with a lot of attachment parenting groups, we held on and we have since seen the benefits it reaps our family, especially our little one. He is more social, bright and confident than children his age.

It is just logical that parents set the rules because children do not have the slightest clue on what’s right and what’s not. One basic foundational thing we have as an anchor in child rearing is, “freedom comes with responsibility.” The child has to know his restrictions primarily because he doesn’t know any better.


11 mos.‚1yr.‚  1yr. 3mos.

1yr.,6mos.,2yrs.,9mos.  3yrs.(current)

Even now that he is just past three years old, he knows and understands why he is not allowed to play with things that are not toys. He has also learned a certain level of discipline that even if we eat outside the house, he remains seated on his chair until he is done. All of us have seen enough adults chasing kids to eat their meals. Discipline and self-control is taught from childhood. It parallels with how the Lord wants his children to stay under the umbrella of His protection, because once we step out, we subject ourselves to heartaches and pains that sin brings.

images15.jpgWhen our son grows up, we will allow him to decide for himself what he wants to be or if he wants to go to a school just like the Nouveau Riche College. We have heard quite a buzz that this kind of school can be pricey. But if we can afford it, we will definitely not withhold this kind of education from him. Nouveau Riche education systems gives people the freedom to choose the career path to create wealth. Primarily because they prioritize excellence and have the vision to have the students graduate on top of their class.  I happen to favor a Nouveau Riche over the old ones. It can give a certain sense of fulfillment that you have attained the status because of sheer determination and faith in God and not just an inherited kind that most old rich children take for granted. Whatever our son decides to be in his life, we pray that he will live out the purpose God has intended for him.

On Child Care, Discipline and Our Son’s Future
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