Major Body Repair for Our California

california1.JPGAt last, after more than five years of using our Nissan California, we will be having its whole body repaired this week. Thanks to our friend who knows someone who can paint a car (he used to be our friend’s employee when our friend was still in the car painting business).  We were able to have a quote on the major body repair less the profit of a car shop owner. He was so kind that he didn’t charge us for his possible profit and even helped us haggle with the painter and the car body metal worker.

There is so much repair that needs to be done on the car’s body that it would take at least one panel of metal sheet, according to the initial estimate, to replace the corroded parts. And that doesn’t include the door at the back that we need to buy because it would cost too much for the labor and metal sheet to repair that part rather than getting a replacement.

camry.JPGIt would have probably been better to have settled for a used car, like a Camry to stay clear of the hassles of making regular visits to the car shop to make sure the repairs are going well.  We’re going to take public transportation for a month or so including Sundays when I have to take my wife and our three-year-old son to church.  Having a whole body repair works best for us for now. I just hope we do make the most out of that deal. 🙂

Major Body Repair for Our California

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