Weekend Snapshot: The Sampler



After hearing much abuzz about Sandy’s Pizza, we finally got to taste our first 18″ sampler: Margherita, Garlic Chorizo, White Pizza and Meatzarella.  All five of us who went to the pizza shop at San Juan had their own favorites.  Mine was the Margherita, the hubby’s was the White Cheeze and Garlic Chorizo.  But more than the pizza, what rocked best was their tangy, ultra yummy buffalo wings!  It would have been sweeter if we could eat all these goodies right from our very own home theater seating, but even then, that cannot be possible just yet because they don’t deliver to this far side of the metropolis where we are located.  This is why we beat the miles to the traffic jammed route to their shop and I am glad to report, it was definitely worth it. 😉


lovin’ the buffalo wings!

Weekend Snapshot: The Sampler

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