Cisco Certification

A few weeks ago my wife and I registered at a site that offers jobs online. This online service connects job seekers with providers and pays on an hourly rate or on a per-project basis. It is different from creating paid posts. They provide real jobs and the online company monitors the things you do online through desktop screen captures and they evaluate if you are doing your job or not. It requires a fixed time to do the job but once you do have one, especially if you get one with an hourly pay, you have a sure income.


The online service provides examinations that make you certified in a particular field you choose. I have taken test like the Technical Writing Skills certification, the Editing skills certification and the English test because with my job experiences, I was only able to apply for writing jobs. Compared to jobs related to IT, the writing jobs don’t pay much. This makes me think about venturing into learning new skills and maybe even getting a Cisco certification in the near future. This will surely be a great addition to my profile/resume in this company. I’m sure getting this certification will not just result to gaining additional skills but also broaden the available job opportunities, not only online but in the real world as well. Since the prices continue to increase here in our country. Plus, we are making preparations for our son’s schooling, having additional certifications that can lead to more job opportunities that have a flexible time will help us meet those demands. We just thank God that at present, He has enabled us to find other means to meet increasing financial needs.

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Cisco Certification

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