Multi-Tasking Momma

Oh the domestic goddess that I am! I find myself mad-juggling everything at home lately. Just for the record I don’t feel bad about it, though. It’s just that I have never had my hands as full as they are now: multi-tasking around the home, taking care of our son while doing my online business. It can be overwhelming, even more than that of the time when I was on postpartum. As brand new mother as I was back then, our son was never fussy and I kind of knew what I was to do because of the childbirth preparation classes the hubby and I attended.

img_6882-copy.jpgI have never worked around the kitchen as much as I have been doing lately. We gave up using our microwave and I have gone back to stone age. Lol! Kidding aside, I know this is going to benefit the family rather than stick with the convenience of micro cooking.  I appreciate how our contractor designed our kitchen. Thanks Tita Liza! I love the way she maximized the space and I now have plenty of room in the cupboard. I also love my sink, my pot-friendly, single lever faucet. I appreciate the fact that she thought about the convenience of being able to wash everything, especially big pans without hassle.  With all these conveniences, I really should be thankful I can get around with ease. I really just have to stick to the everyday cleaning  to lessen the stress and leave the major ones to my weekend cleaning lady. 😉

Multi-Tasking Momma

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