The Quest to Eliminate Debt

I am glad to report that we are definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel from where we are at. We have completely paid off the outstanding balance of one of our credit cards. The hubby and I collectively have a total of four credit cards, minus the supplementary card, which generates one bill with its primary.

debt.jpgWhen I went to check with I was encouraged to press on to eliminate debt and be more vigilant against accumulating them back. Their site reports that most adults have a minimum of two credit cards sadly, we fall under this category. That is also one of the reasons why we paid off the aforementioned credit card balance. Before the next cycle of renewal, I would have to call them to terminate my account. That Citibank Visa was a pre-approved one awarded to me for having had a good credit standing with them the previous years. Now I know better than to accept extra cards when they come calling to bug me with another.

As opposed to other individuals accumulating debts out of instant gratification, we accumulated ours because of the medical emergencies I had in the past, most of them required very expensive medicines. That is why we really understand to the very depth of its meaning the quotation, “health is wealth.”

Eliminating debt is one tough decision families have to make. It always coincides with sacrifice, leveling down from the usual lifestyle. Sticking to life’s necessities will be your best bet in debt elimination. Commitment and oneness of mind for both the husband and wife should be there. Utter determination despite the odds that will continually hunt us, especially the hurtful rising prices of commodities. It is never easy. Check out the linked sites and learn a thing or two on how to live debt free. As for me and our family, we pray that with God’s grace, we will soon be over paying for every single debt we still have.

The Quest to Eliminate Debt

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