News and Scams

images9.jpgAs I was reading about one Nouveau Riche Scam this morning, I overheard one of today’s news that a member of an old rich family is at large. Apparently this rich kid went on shooting his gun over some untoward incident. This old rich family actually owns one of the pioneer malls in Manila. These kinds of news are the very reasons why I dislike watching television. Last night before the hubby and I went to bed, we turned on the television, hoping to catch something good. What beheld our eyes were the sad states of some families in the suburbs.  It was “The Correspondents'” topic for the night. 

The accounts of the lives of overly malnourished children going to school with empty stomachs, a boy who has lost his ability to walk because his weak body just couldn’t anymore. It crushes my heart how parents of these children are able to live with themselves. Such strong words, you may say, but it just irks me so much how they can afford to get pregnant every year when they barely have anything to feed their children anymore! This woman being interviewed would show that they barely have anything to eat anymore, at most they eat once a day. But then with all these mouths to be fed, she is still on her way to deliver another baby very soon.

Poverty is a reality in this world we live in. But it is ultimately a choice for people to do something about their lives. Like what the team behind NRU is doing, how they envision getting people to be rich by giving quality education straight from the successful business men themselves. As I went on reading about the Nouveau Riche Scam, I learned about all these buzz that this is pointing to, NRU. I guess this is what happens when people gets successful in their field, you’ll get all kinds of publicities, like this Nouveau Riche Scam publicity.  But testimonies of lives being changed for the better will be the proofs that will invalidate all these false notions.  I believe people should press on towards progress, to choose to remain stagnant isn’t just bad, it’s pathetic.

News and Scams

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