Turning the House Around

img_6785.JPGI love Mondays!  Aside from it’s the hubby’s day off and the family gets to spend the whole day together, we also get to do things around the house.  This photo was actually taken last Monday, when the hubby first worked on our little guy’s study table.  Today he finished applying the second layer of putty and he will soon get it painted.  As for me, I got busy the whole morning trying to turn the house around by getting rid of white elephants.

We really have no choice but to rearrange the house.  I emptied the little guy’s main closet of all of my files and stuff, got it sanitized and got his own clothes in.  His clothes used to be in his baby closet.  It’s now goodbye to his baby closet to welcome in his very own study table.  It’s very symbolic if you ask me.  My son has practically moved from babyhood to boyhood in the blink of an eye!  But I am nevertheless thrilled to anticipate and get him ready for homeschool.  For now, I and the hubby are inclined towards that.  Pre-school homeschool that is,  then he will be good to go to attend the big school. 🙂

Turning the House Around

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