Hoping and Taking Action

During the recent Big Apple Awards, Mort Zuckerman had a thing to say about hope (see this site: http://www.dssimonvlogviews.com/big-apple-awards-series/). He added his own take on the quote, “Hope is good for breakfast but not necessarily for supper.” This is actually the first time I heard this quotation and I think it has a deep and very practical meaning. In my opinion it relates to the Filipino quote, “Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa” which implies that it is important to ask help from God but we also have to do our part as we depend on Him.


The former quote talks about having hope for breakfast, which may mean that at the beginning of a task or a problem it is ok to depend on something or someone greater than ourselves (who could be God), but having hope for supper, which may mean dependence when the task or problem lengthens. I think the quote implies a balance between having faith or hope in God but mentions that we don’t necessarily just sit and not do anything. And doing something or taking action doesn’t mean a lack of faith, but I think we have to take action on what we can control while depending on God still and let God work on the things that are beyond our control.

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Hoping and Taking Action

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