Health Providers

In my most recent doctor’s visit, I was given a heads up by my insurance provider that I am almost at the maximum amount of my insurance coverage limit/illness. This means that when I have consumed my covered amount, I would have to pay the doctor’s fee, laboratories and everything else right from my own pocket. Ouch!

My doctor requests lab work on me done at least once a week, and given that the tests are done in one of the cities most expensive hospitals, the cost is really higher than the usual. I guess with all other insured people, it’s not really normal to total in everything and watch if he or she is anywhere close to reaching the limit. You see it was the same hospital I got confined in, so the most convenient is to follow up with the same doctors, given that the facility has all my needed records, the default really was for me stick with the facility.

At the end of my health contract, which would be December of this year, e Health Help will become very handy. This team will assist me in picking out the best health care plan that will work for me. With over 25 years working with health insurance and provider organizations, they provide a non-biased consumer education, paving the way to coming up with the health care that best suit your needs. Now, this is just what I need.

Health Providers

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