Yard Sale Relaunch

micro-and-stuff.JPGTwo days after our folks left for the States, we are yet again having our yard sale up.  This time we are getting more of our bulky stuffs out and even the white elephants, like our microwave oven, for one.In my quest to live healthier, I have altogether refrained from using the microwave.


Another bulky stuff we are selling is a solid Narra rocking chair for only PhP1,000 (approx. $23).  The 29″ flat TV just got sold a while back. Most other items for sale from clothes to everything else are all at=  20 pesos (approx. $0.47).  If you are anywhere near our area, it might interest you to take a peek. Yard sales can often be better than actually browsing through a furniture catalog – you just might find great finds up for grabs. 😉

Yard Sale Relaunch

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