Health Update

images7.jpgI went to the hospital to see my doctor, once two weeks ago and twice this previous week.  Yes, I practically did a marathon to take advantage of my folks still being here at that time to look after our little guy.  Anyway, aside from the blood lab work up to check my uric acid level, I also had my thoraco lumbar, chest PA and lateral x-ray done.  Praise God that each and every result that came back made both me and the hubby smile! 😉 Answered prayer talaga, I am as good as new! Goodbye scoliosis!  But I do have tensed back muscles.  I was given prescription for the pain and the swelling and I also have to apply warm compress on my back every so often, which I still have not started with yet.

images8.jpgJust when everything looks bright and shiny after my doctor’s visit last Tuesday, I felt so sluggish and out that I knew I could not make it to my next appointment.  That is to see one of the girls who attends our church in Makati.  No wonder a few hours after we got home, I started running with a fever and aching joints.  Argh!  You could just imagine my frustration.  All the sweet potato tops juicing is coming to this!  Okay, so I have not really tried any of those colon cleanse procedures yet. Maybe I should, to get rid of all the remaining toxins in my body through that.  One of the more interesting discoveries is that of one scanning procedure done by Life Force in Makati Medical Center.  Here’s a description of that particular Laser Scan, which was sent to me via email:

The Laser Scan is a procedure similar to the ultrasound, MRI, CT scan. The difference is that it uses a cold laser and is more accurate because the results are processed by the databank in the USA instead of a human doctor in the Philippines (which removes any human error). It takes 10 minutes to scan the whole body (P2,995) and you get your results right away. There is no pain or drugs involved in the procedure. Adults, children and babies are accommodated. large percentage of our patients are pregnant or nursing mothers, and babies (specially before vaccinations). We also offer DNA hair analysis and profiling for any purpose.

Health Update

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