The Ministry to Counsel

images3.jpgOne of the major things that I do in the ministry as I partner with the hubby, is counseling. It can be the most overwhelming tasks in the church ministry. Even as overwhelming as it is, it can also be the most fulfilling as I see through the years how the people under my care are ushered into a better life that the Lord has got in store for them.


The very concept of counseling can be scary to a lot of people. I have seen a few who would start but would withdraw from it before they are ready. But I encountered more than a few who, despite the many struggles, have passed with flying colors and are actually the ones discipling the younger generation. This encourages my heart to press on.


If you are anywhere near Ottawa, you might want to check out Counseling Ottawa. This team understands the confidentiality that is between the therapist and the counselee. More than just being educated, compassion is needed for you to be able to work through the issues you are struggling with.


Trusting your counselor is not automatic. I have encountered a lot who had walls so high that it took a while to bring down. It is part of the process to learn to trust your therapist.  But when it’s done, it becomes your first step towards moving beyond the struggles that limits you.

The Ministry to Counsel
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