Last Weekend

My folks are leaving for America in two days. Our son is really going to miss the both of them. As soon as they got their visas to America and Canada, they have been telling our little guy, that they will soon ride the airplane to go to America and he will not see them for a very long time. The first few times, he would go square in the face, on the verge to cry any second. But now that it has been weeks since he has first heard of his grandparents  going to a far away place, he would just respond with a quick riposte, as if assuring himself that it’s never going to happen.

These past weeks have been busy with all the things that mom has to leave me with. We call it “bilin” in the vernacular. She even left me a pricey set like an Apples of Gold Jewelry that my Aunt have her bought for her daughter’s wedding, but never got to wear them.  So this same jewelry set goes back to Pakistan where they live because it never got sold here, as planned.

My sister and her husband have relocated to our folks’ place. We live in different houses, similar compound. These pictures were taken last week during the family’s last weekend together. It’s going to be a long while until we get together again for barbeques and weekends out.

Here are some photos of our last weekend together in a long time. We first went to Manila, where my mom and her siblings’ property is located. They are having this place rented so we are tasked to take care of the logistics, so to say. Then after which we went Ababu, our favorite Persian diner place in Xavierville.



1376 Maceda Street



 on the way to Ababu


sis, Jed and me


Yummy Keema


Chelo Kebab

We are glad that my parents are able to take this tour and enjoy themselves. We look forward to their many stories and of course the tons of Jelly Beans that they will bring home with them when they come back.

Last Weekend

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