A Real Long and Blessed Day, Part 2

It was late last night and I could not find the perfect title for the post that I typed away.  So even as I suffixed it with a “Part 2,”  I am now compelled to do a follow through. That’s not a complaint, mind you.  Okay, I know I’m blabbering.  I figured, I’d be doing a photo essay, even as the popular saying quotes, “A picture paints a thousand words.”



This is the reason why the doctor was the one who waited for us this time.  We were sitting in the waiting area for a little over five minutes when we opted to go get our lab results and have lunch.  We so got used to waiting for hours on end and we always end up starved so we decided to go to the nearest diner since there was no notice that the doctor is to arrive any time soon.


One of the shots that I took inside the hubby’s church office in Makati.  I was waiting for one of my counselees to arrive and I decided to get productive and play with our camera’s settings and hone up some composing skills, if there were any. 😉


A rusty, one inch nail I found around the corner.  Doing macro shots can be the most fun, if you ask me.  I clicked away while we listened to Christian contemporary songs from my mobile.  Ipods can be very popular and I see this generation get tech savvy with all the available gadgets everywhere. But so far my mobile is doing the job and I’m fine with it.

Another photo essay entry to come. Meanwhile, excuse me as I do a super fast job and get our home sparkling.  My cleaning lady is not available today so I would have to do it myself.   Then I will be off to my sissy’s place to help her pack.  Our folks are leaving for the States next week. Dear sister and her hubby will stay in their place.

A Real Long and Blessed Day, Part 2

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