Money Matters in Marriage

images.jpgOne of the major issues in marriage is the finances. There are some couples that we know that manage their finances as if they are still not married. Although they may have their reasons, this kind of set up may have some setback in the later years. When a couple gets married, they give each other their full being, that’s precisely why it is called a union. How can it be called a union when finances is taken off the equation?

images1.jpgWe have always believed that there is no other way our family lives but through transparency in everything. This was the very first thing we were told to value right from the first meeting we had with the pastor we saw for pre-marital counseling some seven years ago. The starry eyed couple we were back then were introduced to the realities of finances in a marriage and how it breaks many families if the issue is taken for granted.

One of the things that we have learned through the years is to consolidate bills such that the interest rates that we then have had reduced to a minimum.

As much as we have wanted to steer away from credit card debts, we were not able to help it when I had to take very pricey medications for one full year after our little guy was born. Bill consolidation has proved to be very beneficial for us.

Another major principle that we value is accounting and making a list of everything, from the family budget to bills to be paid. This makes life easier even as we have set out a schedule for the family’s finances. Management is made easier this way. At the same time there are no surprises, we know exactly where our money goes. Prioritizing is the key and knowing through it all that we are but mere managers, hoping to be better stewards of the financial resources that are given us.

Money Matters in Marriage

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