Church Relocation

Having had moved houses at least five times since the hubby and I got married six years ago, I always let out a sigh of relief whenever the thought comes that we now have our very own place-no more relocating from here and now. Except of course, if our family gets called to go some place else for missions. We are indeed grateful that we are given this blessing of having a place of our own.

Hopefully in the next few months we are off to relocating again, but this time it’s the local church the hubby pastors. We are still praying for the best deal and the best place that the Lord will lead us to. Moving can be a physically draining experience. For one, packing up is not really an easy job especially when there are tons of books and church stuff that we need to carefully box and then the unpacking of stuff and getting settled. We definitely have to get a hold of reliable movers’ services.

Church Relocation
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