My Overwhelming Sunday

My Sunday was tiring but a blessed wonderful day for me. All the issues that came my way could really sap my energies off me. In the morning I got to talk to one of our elder members who recently found out she has cancer. Afterwhich, issues with some of my girls that got me stunned. I love them dearly. I rejoice as well even as we all together claim John 8:36, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

The Lord alone helps us through the ministry He has put us in and I alsos hope to make myself more available that’s why I have been religiously taking in my medications and multivitamins, but for some reason I forgot to take them before we left the house yesterday morning. Recently I have been into Supplement Reviews, looking for the best one to complement my cause towards a healthful lifestyle. I am currently trying out two good ones, plus regularly juicing both fruits and veggies. We are also taking out most of the preserved stuff off our weekly roster of meal schedule.

My Overwhelming Sunday

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