A Bed Box At Last!

After more than a month of going Korean style, we are now off to get our memory foam bed elevated as it will soon have its very own bed box. Manila is a very dusty city that even if sweeping was done in the morning, a couple of hours after dust will behold you over again. It never ends. We live in a village that only private vehicles are allowed. Imagine if our house was close to a national road or the highway! I am just glad that I wouldn’t have to sweep through the edges of the bed itself. Other cold countries like Korea can very well afford to get furnitures slumped on the floor (and even sit on the floor while eating) because they don’t have so much dust like we do here. This is also one of the reasons why we had to take out carpets. It’s like nurturing a dust haven for the mites and what have yous for their abode.


Here is kuya with his masterpiece in the making. Our folks got their closet replaced a couple of days back, it was just timely that he was around because we have put off getting a bed frame for our mattress for sometime now. We asked if he could make a bed box for us and it turned out he’s an expert with woods, bed frames and even home theater furniture. This is far better than having to buy those laminated bed frames we see from the department stores. A solid wood will sure last us many years than those laminated frames. The headboard with cushion that the hubby wants will have to wait until later. 🙂

A Bed Box At Last!

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