Watch Out for SBC-Makati’s New Address

Today the hubby is scheduled to do an ocular inspection of the prospective place for transfer of the local church that he pastors. The place is not much. In fact the most it could sit is around fifty people. But it has three upstairs rooms which could be used for Sunday School that could even serve as rooms for the future pre-school facility that we have planned to put up to cater to the kids of our church members. It is really hard to be able to get a good location with the best price in the area. But we remain hopeful.


We are praying that the Lord will give us wisdom and confirmation if this is the place for us. Aside from it being a real downgrade in space, the location is the most ideal that we have seen by far, very accessible to say the least. It is practically a stone throw away from the school that we are tying up with for a regular outreach and follow up program. If it would be it, then I am sure our church family will be more than glad to pack our bags and fill those moving boxes. We continue to pray even as we anticipate the best place God has in store for our local church to transfer to. 🙂

Watch Out for SBC-Makati’s New Address

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