Being Baby Wise

3_month_old.jpgThe hubby and I were three years in our marriage when our little guy arrived. He was everything we ever prayed for. Right from the time he was two months old, he was already sleeping through the night! He is such an easy baby. The hubby and I prepared ourselves with childbirth preparations and studied the varied views of parenting and we applied Baby wise right from day one. It worked for us, despite the fact that there are people who are against its principles, I can only say how it worked for us and we will always be glad that we stuck it out. Only those who have not actually read the book from cover to cover will label it as rigid. This much I can say, its principles are backed by what the Bible teaches.

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People around celebrated with us and made sure they made themselves available for just about anything we needed. We were blessed to have been lent all those baby furniture that we did not have to buy. From baby travel cots, baby prams, bassinet, bouncer, crib, baby pushchairs to playpen. All of these are pricey. I mean if we could very well afford it, we could have bought, why not. But then again, people around us offered to lend us their baby stuff and we were more than grateful. Besides a lot of them told us that babies outgrow everything all too soon, so we figured it was really more practical to just borrow. And that too, like Baby wise, worked for us just fine. 😉

Being Baby Wise

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