My Handyman

Having a handyman for a husband can really be a total blessing. It is indeed a bonus. It was something I learned when I was already in the marriage. Being a handyman is not exactly a requirement quality of a husband. I mean he is not expected to be operating rollformers or something. But it came to me as a real treat when I actually did not have to bother to go get that next available plumber for a leaking lavatory or even to have a complicated bath tub faucet replaced.

When you have a house to manage, there will always be something that needs to be done sooner or later and it is such a relief that an outside service is not necessary every time there is a leaking anything or a broken something. Like during this last weekend’s typhoon, we found out that there is a little crack on one portion of our parlor’s ceiling. The storm was so bad that some uninvited drip drops came with it. The next day, as expected he went up the roof and did his work on it. I bet a roll forming equipment will be like putty in his hands if he ever finds the need to make use of it for some roll forming project.

The quality of his work on the roof will be tested when strong rains come. But given his record, I am positive he has done well. If ever his work does need reinforcement, that’s fine. He even mentioned of his intentions to make a study desk for our little guy. Now, that is something I am looking forward to. 🙂

My Handyman
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