WW: Celebrating Fathers



It has been a couple of weeks since the world celebrated Father’s Day and this entry is a delayed one all right, but still worthy to be posted. I ran across this shot as I was going through my files this morning.The tons of photos that we have are eating up and slowly consuming the 80gb disk space of my trusty laptop. I am actually considering the hubby’s proposal to get ourselves another external hard drive.I used to have photos and files burnt to dvd, but it was too late when I found out this kind of backing up does not work.We lost our photo files from the year 2004 to 2007.It’s sad and I will do anything to get the files restored. Our disc clinic won’t even do the trick. 🙁

This shot was taken in one of my father’s all time favorite restaurants.   Ever since I can remember, it will always be his restaurant of choice, that if that place would hold a Ristorante Contest, he would easily win effortlessly. He never gets tired of going back to this place right from when we were little. Our family has grown bigger.It used to be just the four of us: Mama, Papa, my sister and me. Now there are seven of us and boys have finally outnumbered the girls. 🙂

WW: Celebrating Fathers

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